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Miata Color Guide

This booklet paints a picture of the first-generation Mazda Miata in terms of its various exterior colors throughout the years. I located year-by-year sales figures for all 14 of the car’s colors on the web and made them visual via a timeline, tree map, and field of pie charts. First, the raw data was cleaned up in Excel. I then used a combination of RStudio and Illustrator to generate and stylize the visualizations.

A bunch of loose graphs isn’t much of a story. So, I prefaced them with a little historical context, ordered the visualizations in a logical way, and followed up with a gallery of found images. All this content was dropped into InDesign and organized via a three-column grid and system of type and color.

The final output is a compact, saddle-stitched booklet. It features heavyweight paper for the cover/back cover and crisp, full-bleed edges made with a book cutter.